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I was only 6yrs old the 1st time, never told it would happen again.


I was 6yrs old first time going to school and everyday me and my twin brother walking to school together and back,
My mother always said to me don’t walk alone they will steel you and I was scard to walk alone, one day afther school I couldn’t find my brother waiting outside the school, and a friendly man that was always droping off his girls at shcool, he said he’ll walk me home, I knew we were walking the wrong direction I was scared and couldn’t say anything, he took me into the woods near my house and sexauly abused ma, I screemed and cried because it was painful. He started hutting be. When I woke up he was looking for something to hurt me more. A small voice inside me said run. I run home crying and pray that everything was a dream, at age 15yrs old I was sexualy abused again by my older sister friend, I was so scared of man because they always hurt me, I started dated and older man because he seem to cared about me but at age 23yrs old he wanted sex and I siad no, he started beating me up, ribbed my clothes off my body and raped me, I trusted him, he was surposse to love me. I hated all man and I became afraid of man afraid to go out of the house, Afraid of live. God helped me and today I’m ready to talk about it. Thank You God.

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