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it always follows me


it happen to me three times already. everyday its still a struggle to wake in the morning and tell myself that everything is going to be fine. i look at the men god gave me and say how lucky i am to be alive and to have met such a beautiful soul that god created. i was watching 3talk and i discover that i am not alone in this cruel world of being abused, violated, and some one stilling the only thing that i hold dear, they stole my pride, now i can not even give my husband a child because of what happen to me.

my uncle abuse me i was only five when he did that to me, i often ask myself did i look like a women as young as i was? what did he feel when he was on top of me while i was crying telling him that u are hurting me?.how on earth am i going to forgive him. he open up a door for stranger to do that to me. basel never got arrested because our system is fucked up.they lost the case file and i was 7 year old.mxolisi said if i went to the police he is going to come back after three hours. he is going to be a free men. i want to know, how can i find closure in all this ?how do i make piece when our justice system failed me?how do i forgive.

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