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My name is Nwabisa. A friend of mine recently told me about this website. It’s such a touching and necessary platform, and I thank you for giving people the opportunity to share.
I have written a short poem that I would like to submit. Here it is below. You may publish t anonymously or with my name, it doesn’t matter. I just wish to have a voice in this important dialogue.

The quiet woman
She lays legs open, bleeding from her thighs, raped by the cultural patriarchy that’s seen her say her goodbyes
to the self-respect that once coloured her walls
Violence, crime, rape, all of it, she saw.
Babies having, killing, maiming, raping, other babies.
She weeps from her backbone.
The most collected part of her body, struck.
Shattered by a government that doesn’t give a fuck.

Thank you.

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